Facebook transforms right in front of the user

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If users go back to April 2015, users may not realize Facebook that they are using now. Last week, this social network announced a series of updates for its platform and allowed users to play and experience live video in many different ways. For example, the user can play the video in groups, the events, the filters appear to change clips. Facebook also released Live Maps – allows them to detect quickly where any video is playing directly to the view in a snap. Facebook is realizing a strong plan to connect billions of users of them. Last february, they add Reactions – features allows users to use a variety of emoticons in addition to traditional Like button. Last week, they announced features that help visually impaired people experience images. These upgrades are the hallmark of this thing called artificial intelligence. It will have great effect to the way users experience content on social networks. Every change of Facebook has more or less affected to the user. However, the focus on live video which we can see Facebook wanting to master every moment of the user. Can you post a picture your daughter walking in the park? It is possible that the story takes place 12 hours ago. Facebook wants you to share moments in real time. In summary, live video brings a reason for you to share more about your life on Facebook. “I wouldn’t be surprised if 5 years from now, most of the content you see on Facebook and share will be video about the normal daily life,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. There will be many issues Facebook need to pay attention, such as censorship. Limiting violent video, erotic content in real time on Facebook is a challenge. “If someone is violating the terms of use when using the Live feature, we want to block that content as quickly as possible. So, we provide feature to report a violation in the live broadcast”, Facebook representative shared with Huffington Post. According To Zing.
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