Microsoft to Begin Offering Free Web Development Tools

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As part of its move to the cloud, Microsoft, according to, will very soon begin offering users free web development tools to help those people who don’t have the expertise, time or money to develop truly professional quality websites that have a high degree of functionality, i.e. database and computational facilities. The service, called WebMatrix, will be comprised of SQL services and open source “canned” (ASP.NET or PHP) applications that users can download and paste into their own web sites, with the bonus being that they won’t have to understand how the services or applications work, just how to imbed them into their own site. According to a statement put out by Microsoft, WebMatrix is aimed at small business owners who desire the web services that are available to larger companies with deeper pockets. But it doesn’t end there, WebMatrix, because of its assumed ease of use will be available for use by anyone that chooses to use it; and here’s the kicker, users don’t have to use Windows Live or any other Microsoft dataspace to hold their site; they can continue to run their web sites off their current hosts, which will definitely make web hosting companies happy. Some are already making plans to integrate the new tools from Microsoft into their platform of options when marketing themselves to new customers. This is a big move by Microsoft, because by giving small time outfits the same tools that the big guys have been using for years, it will soon be difficult if not impossible for discerning Internet browsers to distinguish between the two, which might mean a new paradigm is beginning to evolve on the web as a company name may become more important than its actual products. A small company could become big, or a big one small and users wouldn’t know the difference. Most anyone that has tried to create a web site on their own has seen the tremendous amount of work that is involved, which for many companies means dollars that they won’t see back unless the web site adds to their bottom line; not something that is guaranteed in an environment that has of late become so saturated that the lack of a web presence means more than one that does exist but doesn’t do much to inspire customers to visit. With the new web tools from Microsoft though, the sky become to limit, for everyone; and the only limiting factor, will be one’s own imagination.
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