Social network – guilty or not?

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Using social network likes using a knife, the knife is use as a tool, also when the knife became the murder weapon. So the fault is not on social networks, but the problem is in user. Just sworn in as the minister of information, new minister Truong Minh Tuan share with the youth about one of the program of action, that is “the information society healthier.” He knew that he was “not only difficult in Vietnam but other countries, too”, but the new minister believes is possible. The information technology development strength as the storm, social networking has also become the “newspaper” 2nd of the majority of the public. With more than 40 million people participate in it more than 30 million people regularly use, Vietnam is a country ranked 22 in the world about the number of people using social networks. And user facebook account for up to 95% off. Not a small figure. According to the statistics of “We are social” at the time of January 2015, Vietnam is ranked 4th in the world about internet use time ( 5,2 hours per day). Thanks to social networking that is not a few people have “competition” to write my memoirs. Don’t know how many percentages of truth, but the reader looks for, some has little knowing, understand life also reflected out, who said too much about himself, who wrote truth about his life. By “category” memoirs personal, these are publishers that accept printing to release. Youngsters gloats with social networking and don’t hesitate to express, even the picture is, perhaps, only the memories of his own, to be well-known because they can be known by many people talk bad each other, making up stories, photo… Also the majority of users considered social network is a place to share thoughts, acknowledge full responsibility for a problem which is mentioned on social. Things that can be unable to share on social media. At the workshop “journalism and social networks” held in late 2015, the journalists also admitted “the social network became a source of press. 72% of journalists said that social networks are important to the daily work of them; 56% said that they could not complete the task, if the lack of social network; 68% of journalists believe that journalism can’t operate without social media. But the price to pay when “play” social network is no longer small talk. A school in henan province recently committed suicide because of conflicts with classmates on facebook. Women die because facebook is not about hi. Then there are the servants be fine. also just because of playing social network. On the contrary, also thanks to “referee” the social network, which no less a person is “exonerated” like teacher, share your mood about the “chairman of the province, have a snotty,” as professor Doan Minh Dang at the University of engineering technology, can Tho wrote on facebook about the truth of school, I’m working… Listen to share of a you read many faithful years with the press water to the house: “Open the newspaper, I asked today read? Any story she american actress, singer, wife, daughter,jealous, love this one, remove the other also, all hundreds of posts. A murder of barbarians also crafted of this notice to alert other… Model Ngoc Trinh do should be a crime, but all day is press available me, nitpicking… thorough extraction also aimed at the “viu” is the main”. The TT-TT also had ordered a fine press information extraction crime sentences. There are newspapers willing to accept a fine in order to in turn increase the “viu”. The reader determines the survival of the press, the social network will also like knife two blades – the knife know knife won’t cut. I agree with the insight, share perspectives on “For a society healthy information” of the writing is also quite famous on internet facebook – Nguyen Ba Ngoc – also as a journalist. He said “When you want to manage social networks, in fact, officials in Vietnam have a good idea is to avoid the negative side that social networks bring, such as: rumors, fabrications, information harm, incitement to violence, hatred, racism…”. I think not only Nguyen Ba Ngoc, have the eyes look sympathetic to the social network. By what do you think the “social Network itself there is no error. Let’s considered as the social network’s knife sold in the market. Buyers of thai vegetables, fish… a knife is a tool. Buyers about chopping firewood to sell, then knives are working tools. Buyers about to bring the knife slashing people, then the knife is the murder weapon… a knife with no error. The error is due to user”. You toss and turn: “Not perhaps, for a few services, with a knife slashing people that catch all knives want to sell have to register, declare… So, limited or not for sale again”. To have an “information society healthy”, then the reader should get the information accurate, timely, full and not half-hearted. There is no way for the rumors, the allegations misrepresent have land life – share your reading Nguyen Thanh Hieu with concern of the new minister Truong Minh Tuan. European, there is also the heavy responsibility that media in the country must shoulder the responsibility. According to Kham Pha
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